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We do traditional silk screen printing.

With our 8 silk screens table or in other words 8 colors per shirt we can print 300 shirts per day if the shirt has a one color design per shirt. (top left picture)

With our 6 table silk screen printer we can produce about 200 shirts a day if the shirt has one color printing per shirt.
We can produce up to 500 shirts per day.

But its not only about how many printed t-shirts and how accurate we can print, its also what colors/inks we are using.

We use the best available colors/inks on the market.
They will endure machine washing in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Celsius.
Also the inks we are use are Eco friendly. Matsui 301 eco inks
We print on stretch fabrics and normal 100% cotton teeshirts without the printing ever cracking.
We can also print photography images using CMYK raster printing.
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