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Making Silk Screens for Silk Screen Printing

To get the artwork to print on the shirt we first need to make color seperation of each print and print each color on a film. Traceing paper film we only use if the artwork is in one color and smaller then A4 and if we are in a hurry. As tracing paper dont age well.
Then we put on a kemical on the screens that will dry when its dryed in our ligth box.
Then we put the film on the ligthbox and the screen ontop.
After about 10 minutes we turn off the ligth and let the screen dry.
When the screen is dryed up we clean the screens up so where the artwork film was on the screen the silk pores open up so when we silk screen later the ink color of the artwork comes out.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3




  1. When we first get your designs we need to separate each color.
  2. Then on a Postscript laser Printer we print each color on separated tracing papers
  1. By combining the tracing pager and the wooden silk screen with a special filling color under light for 30 minutes. The color will only get stuck on places where the printing wasn't
  2. Each color and screen have to be processed separately (small prints can be combined on one screen)
  1. When each screen is done they need to be washed and cleaned and dried until the color is harden
  2. Then double checking that each hole where the color is suppose to get through is open
This wooden frame are being kept until your next order
Maximum of one year

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