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Make your own Tag/Label

Whether you are planning to make your own t-shirt brand or if you just want your shirts to look cool having your own tag/label in the back of the neck on your own t-shirts will make you and your company look more professional. Sometimes you might want to put your own label not only in the back of the neck but also maybe on the bottom side of your shirt, or on the sleeve. There are several options for this.


Printed Tag/Label

This is the modern way of labeling a shirt. No uncomfortable itchy feeling next to your skin and also you can choose the size and style more freely. You choose the design and size, normally we can fit it two sizes on each small screen, meaning if you want to print six different sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) you will need three screens. You can also add washing instructions. This is also the cheapest way to make your own label.
Download this template on the right in Illustrator format...


Printed Silk Tag/Label

You can order printed silk labels that has the same look as woven labels but different quality. For 500 000 IDR you will get 100 meters, how many labels that is depends on the size/length of each label.
Download this template on the right in Illustrator format...

Woven Tag/Label

Put your logo on a woven label with washing instructions on the back. Minimum order is 6000 labels and the price varies depending on the complexity, the color and size. It´s easier if you keep the sizes on a separate label since the quantity of minimum order. To get a quota and samples the rate is 1 000 000 IDR and that gives you around 20 labels. It can take up to two months for this to happen and only after the samples have been manufactured we can give you a total quota for the order. We don´t produce these labels in our own factory but out source it to the waving-label-pro´s.

Care Instructions

The best way to clean your clothing produced by our factory.
You can also use this information to do your own Care Tag/Washing Instructions

Read more: Care Instructions

How to make your own Custom Pattern Shirt/Singlet

We can do a custom shirts/singlets from you own patterns or copy a existing shirt/singlet

Read more: How to make your own Custom Pattern Shirt/Singlet


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