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Making Silk Screens for Silk Screen Printing

To get the artwork to print on the shirt we first need to make color seperation of each print and print each color on a film. Traceing paper film we only use if the artwork is in one color and smaller then A4 and if we are in a hurry. As tracing paper dont age well.
Then we put on a kemical on the screens that will dry when its dryed in our ligth box.
Then we put the film on the ligthbox and the screen ontop.
After about 10 minutes we turn off the ligth and let the screen dry.
When the screen is dryed up we clean the screens up so where the artwork film was on the screen the silk pores open up so when we silk screen later the ink color of the artwork comes out.

Cutting and Pattern making t-shirts and dresses

Pattern making and cutting t-shirts is a major aspect in the assembly line of our t-shirt production facility.

To keep our patterns within European standards it is as important to us as it is to our clients

The traditional standard grading in between the sizes is two centimeters.

The shearing methods we use are in accordance with up to date cutting machines, we have everything from a fine detailed cutting machines to large quantity cutting machinery.

How to make your own Custom Pattern Shirt/Singlet

Traditional Silk Screen Printing on T-shirts on manufaturing scale

We do traditional silk screen printing.

With our 8 silk screens table or in other words 8 colors per shirt we can print 300 shirts per day if the shirt has a one color design per shirt. (top left picture)

With our 6 table silk screen printer we can produce about 200 shirts a day if the shirt has one color printing per shirt.
We can produce up to 500 shirts per day.

But its not only about how many printed t-shirts and how accurate we can print, its also what colors/inks we are using.

We use the best available colors/inks on the market.
They will endure machine washing in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Celsius.
Also the inks we are use are Eco friendly. Matsui 301 eco inks
We print on stretch fabrics and normal 100% cotton teeshirts without the printing ever cracking.
We can also print photography images using CMYK raster printing.
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Sewing T-shirt Singlets

For our sewing, its all about having good staff.

A sewing machine can be old and still sew better then a new machine its really its all depending finding good staff that knows their way around a the sewing machines they use.

But paramount to all aspects of this business, the magic happens in the sewing threads. I cant tell you how many times I got a shirt and the fabric and print lasted longer the the sewing threads. So we institute a Yamalon polyester thread that is the best available here in Indonesia.

Same for our Zippers we always use YKK zippers to be sure that we produce something that holds up to international standards.

With indoor sewing technicians, we keep all our machinery running at top efficiency with up to date and with the highest quality codes and standards.
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Quality control

To keep track on all productions and products we have a barcode system in place and this system follows each item through all around the factory.

From the design of the order we produce a code for each product, this same item identification number is assigned to the product from start to finish.